About Us


In our work we use person centred practice to:

Support people to realise their aspirations.

Enable people who use services to have a better life by improving the quality of support they receive.

Promote inclusion for everyone

Support organisations to work towards become person centred.


Examples of our work:

New Paths to Inclusion

Institute of Person Centred Approaches India (IPCAI)

Training Programmes


Balance Vienna, November 2912

What does Person Centred Practice mean?

Person-centred practice is a fundamentally different way of perceiving and working with people with disabilities. Person-Centred Planning refers to a family of planning and practice approaches which support organising and guiding positive personal, organisational and community change in alliance with people with disabilities, their families and friends. Person Centred approaches are a range of planning methods and tools that have proved to be an efficient strategy in achieving change on different levels:


  • A Personal level – assisting people with disabilities and their families to lead self-determined lives especially during periods of transition.
  • An Institutional level – showing service agencies how they can adjust their activities at both operational and strategic levels in order to better support people to achieve their goals.
  • A Regional level – developing and providing vocational training and support structures that are modelled around an individualised and deinstitutionalised service model for people with disabilities.